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QDo you support internationalized domain names?

Yes. Please see guide for more information.

QI got an error in registering a domain name. What can I do?

Please contact us. We will help you resolve any domain registration problems directly with the specific registry.

QWhat are your name servers?

You can use the following name servers to delegate your domain to CustomDNS

  • —
  • —
  • —

Delegation can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on your registrar.

QWhat kind of DNS records do you support?

We support all types supported by powerDNS

QCan I use your name servers for DNS resolution?

Due to potential for abuse, our name servers are authoritative only - that is they do not answer queries for domains not delegated to us.

QDo you support wild cards?

Yes, wild card records are fully supported. Wild cards in records are considered an advanced feature and require in-depth knowledge of DNS.

QWhat are URL records and how do I use them?

URL records allow you to redirect requests sent to your domain to a different domain. For example, you might wish to redirect all requests to to

To create an URL redirect in the "Create Record" form for the zone in question:

  1. In the "Record Name" field, enter the name of the record to redirect from
  2. Select "URL" as the Record Type from the "Record Type" selection menu
  3. In the "Record Content" field, enter the full URL to redirect to

Note that there must not be an "A" record matching the record name to redirect from.

For more information, click here.

QWhat are e-mail forwards and how do I use them?

E-mail forwarding is provided by the "MBOXFW" record type. E-mail forwarding allows for email addressed to your domain to be forwarded to third party email services. For example, one might wish to have all email addressed to * forwarded to

To create an e-mail forward in the "Create Record" form for the zone in question:

  1. In the "Record Name" field, enter the email address that mail will be forwarded from
  2. Select "MBOXFW" from the "Record Type" selection menu
  3. In the "Record Content" field, enter the full email address that will receive the forwards

For e-mail forwarding to work, there must not be any MX records in the zone whose email will be forwarded.

For more information, click here.

QDo you log DNS queries?

Generally we do not log any queries to our name servers.

QDo you offer secondary/slave DNS service?

Yes, we do! To create a slave zone:

  1. In the "Create Zone" form, enter the name of the zone.
  2. Choose "SLAVE" from the Zone Type drop selection menu.
  3. Enter the IP address of the primary/master DNS server responsible for this zone.
  4. Create an NS record pointing to on the primary name server for the zone in question.
QAre there any limits to a Zone hosted with you?

No. There are no limits to zone size, queries, forwards, etc. However, if you abuse the account (spammers beware) your account will be terminated. See terms of service for details of the activities that constitute abuse.

QWhat is your refund policy?

No refunds. However, every zone gets one month of free service for your evaluation.

QWhat kind of payments do you accept?

For your convenience we accept payments by credit card and PayPal. The payment process is secured in accordance with e-commerce encryption standards.

QDo you offer reseller services?

Yes, we do. If interested in bulk DNS hosting at very competitive prices, contact us for a quote.

QDo you offer any other services?

Stay tuned.

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